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"Henrikes is the prime example of how effortlessly an artist can crawl into your brain and lay track after track of catchy tunes… without driving you mad.... Scandipop of the highest pedigree." - Higher plain music

“Absolutely love these guys!” - Rob Fiddaman @ The Hitmix 107.5 UK Radio

“The duo certainly has us interested in what’s to come.” - Analogue Trash

“HENRIKES strikes at the heart” - AAA Backstage

“All-in-all, the production feels vibrant and uplifting” - Keep Walking Music 

“Such is the magic of HENRIKES’ songwriting: She can make anything feel like home.” - Nordic Spotlight

“Something a little different. A beautiful track that’s brimming with what’s sort of a tense drama. Sit back and let this song (velodrome) unfold before you.” - Scandipop

“..Likt HENRIKES tidigare låtar lysande synthdoftande i produktionen och med stark melodi. Perfekt pop helt enkelt.” - Popmuzik 

“Mix in her sublime vocals and add in the melodies and this track (stockholm) is one that you want to play forever. “ - Its All Indie

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